FreeMasonry is a fraternity of like minded men who put aside their political, social and religious differences to meet on an equal plane - what Masons call "the Level" - to better themselves, their community and their bretheren. 

Stone Masons

Freemasonry grew out of guilds of stone masonry craftsmem, called operative masonry. Freemasonry now focuses on how to make good men better, described as speculative masonry - now very few actually do brick or stone work.




A Mason must be a man of an adult age, have a sound reputation, be well-recommended by his peers and believe in a supreme being regardless of religious orientation.


You must either know a Mason and ask that person about Masonry or come to a Masonic Lodge and spend some time getting to know the Masons there. Personal identity, character and background are important to Masons and their fraternal bretheren.

Charity, traditionally called relief in Masonry, assures that any Brother in need, as well as his dependents, will receive sympathy and support from his Brothers. Charity is a natural result of the brotherly love that Freemasonry promotes along with faith and hope.

"Charity is the chief of every social virtue and the distinguishing characteristic of our Order." - Thomas Smith Webb, 1797

In Freemasonry charity extends beyond the fraternal doorstep. Masonic organizations are known for caring for children, the sick and elderly at a national level. Local Masonic Lodges contribute to worthy causes and groups within their communities and individual Masons are often involved in volunteer work in their communities.

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