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I visited the Verity Lodge #59 in Kent primarily to hear WB Robert Herd’s talk about the origins of Freemasonry and ancient influences on its principles and practices. He presented thoughts about Freemasonry's near-death experiences and offered ideas about fundamentals of building a robust Lodge.

WB Herd has recorded his ideas in a book, “The Initiatic Experience: Ancient Pathways that led to your initiation into Freemasonry”. The thrust of Herd’s book is similar to portions of “The Builders” by Joseph Fort Newton, detailing ancient principles and practices that have been absorbed into Freemasonry and influenced its development. WB Herd’s presentation emphasized compared the experience of becoming a Mason (initiation) to death and rebirth, the end of one type of existence and the beginning of another. He suggests that the desire to become a Mason reflects a universal attempt to understand life’s mysteries. His talk served to re-orient my thinking to the fundamental principles of Freemasonry. I find the following quote meaningful, from WB Herd’s article at

Think of it in terms of how solemn our degrees are to the initiate when they are done by brethren who truly know and understand the work, and are not just transmitting words, but feelings or “energy” to the candidate as well.

The newly renovated Verity Lodge HallThe visit to Verity Lodge was also auspicious because the event was the first Communication in the remodeled hall. I was impressed with the tastefulness of the decor in Lodge Hall, especially the real candles representing the Lesser Lights, as well as (I believe) the modern LED bulbs above. Not to mention the magnificent checkerboard floor around the altar and the Masonic symbols on the side walls. And I believe I saw three sacred texts on the altar.

The Communication on July 22 was an impressive example of Masonic achievement through practice and belief. Congratulations to Brothers at Verity Lodge on the results of many and good labors in remodeling the Hall! It is encouraging to see movement and positive attitudes.


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