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This blog is written by an admittedly stubborn, opinionated and inexperienced Master Mason, who may sometimes be (unintentionally) disruptive.

In following posts I muse about the practices of Masonry as I have observed them over three years.

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Don't the instructions from Grand Lodge encourage a Lone Ranger mentality, in which one person has absolute authority and responsibility for everything.

Masonry doesn't really have a Tonto, the Native American character introduced into the 11th radio episode of *The Lone Ranger* "...to give the Lone Ranger someone to talk to." See https://www.britannica.com/topic/Tonto

But with absolute authority to manage and govern, a Lodge Master may not really need anyone to talk back. Two-way conversation and collaboration aren't necessary.
According to the Lodge Officer's Handbook,
"In every Lodge, the Master has the absolute right to direct its operation as long as there is no conflict with the Washington Masonic Code."

And from the Standard Work, the Worshipful Master is
"...to open and govern his Lodge, to set the craft to work and give them good and wholesome instruction for their labor."

The message is that it is up to the Worshipful Master to govern and manage his lodge, to set the policies and practices that dominate during his time in the East.

Is it effective to reserve the broad base of responsibility in a Lodge to a single person? Does the Standard Work or Grand Lodge anywhere encourage Brothers to collectively and collaboratively mold a dynamic Masonic life within and outside of the Stated Communication?
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