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I was thrilled and satisfied to be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. The ceremony was meaningful and engrossing, and revealed the actual secrets of the craft which I had repeatedly promised not to reveal, though at those times I hadn't a clue what they really were.

I knew the story behind the ceremony of the raising. I avoided creating expectations. However, the experience of the ceremony blew past what think I might have imagined and took me to a higher level. Thanks and congratulations to the Brothers (from all District 7 Lodges) who worked around holiday events, personal plans, and even a wedding (congratulations Corey!) to present and perform that Saturday. This raising took lots of effort.

It has been fifteen months since I petitioned Unity Lodge #198. At times it felt like a long, purposeless wait, especially during the truly "dark" months of the lodge. I went for more than three months without meaningful communication with Brothers in Unity Lodge. I had doubts about the future of the Lodge in particular and of Freemasonry in general.

So what does being raised to the Third Degree mean to me?

  • Simply, now I have a vote and a chance to influence changes in the Lodge.
  • I'm more accepted in making decisions in the Lodge.
  • When I visit a Lodge they don't need to make a exception for my presence (opening in the First or Second Degree).
  • The secrets of Masonry - now I know what I've been promising never to reveal.
  • I no longer have any defined goals as a Mason.

As stated during the ceremony, I still have a long, possibly bumpy road ahead. What I will receive in the future is probably much more than I have experienced so far.

This event on December 10, 2016, joined me with three Brothers also being raised and revived my dedication to the Fraternity. I recaptured purpose and optimism so I can move toward working together with Brothers as with a single heartbeat.

So I continue to walk toward more light in Masonry.

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