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Now it has been 14 months since I petitioned to be made a Mason. I have been initiated as an Entered Apprentice and passed to the second degree of Fellowcraft.

I’ve been tested and I have proved up. I’m looking forward to the next step: the Third Degree of Master Mason. I understand that staging this Raising to Master Mason requires a lot more participants than the preceding degrees, and so a lot more coordination and planning.

I have been attending Lodge events around the area. So I think I’m ready for the next step. But moving forward isn’t up to me.

At the moment, the delay concerns me because I seem to be losing much of what I have gained in the past year: at the last stated communication I attempted to read the ciphered ritual text to myself and found I could barely stumble through it. Even familiar phrases were indecipherable! My knowledge diminished startlingly during the dark months.

I need more exposure and regular repetition of the ritual.

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